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Like many people today, I had my first child in a city far away from my parents and in-laws. We were on our own and had no idea what to expect for our daughter or how to respond to questionable behaviors. Fortunately, Cynthia was there for us. She came over almost every week, helped us understand our daughter’s actions from a developmental perspective, and provided sage advice about what kind of high chair, sippy cup, toy to use with our particular baby for best results. Cynthia also provided us peace of mind, that our child was okay, that we were doing fine as parents. And our daughter also absolutely loves her, and every time Cynthia came over, we had someone else to hold and care for our baby for at least an hour, providing a truly needed break. We wish we still lived close to her because she is honestly the best!!
— Victoria T.

I LOVE watching Cynthia interact with my son. She is so animated and engaged that he lights up when he is with her. It’s clear that both Cynthia and my son are thrilled to be with each other; Cynthia’s attentiveness and broad knowledge base means that while my son thinks he is playing, Cynthia ensures he is learning and growing.

Cynthia is full of advice about all aspects of child rearing. She is helpful when I need to decide what gear to buy - thanks for the sippy cup recommendation! - and creative with coming up with stand-ins that I have around the house.

As a parent, Cynthia is such a wonderfully reassuring resource to have. She is up-to-date on the latest science and is also cognizant of how challenging it is to juggle the demands of everyday life with an infant.
— Jen S.

So exciting!! After seeing you and getting our consult I've been practicing sitting with my son. Here's the result at 5m 2days:

Our daughter was born 3 months prematurely. When we brought her home from the hospital, my husband and I were concerned about our premature infant’s cognitive and physical development. Cynthia visited us regularly to help monitor our baby’s developmental milestones and to offer us guidance on what to expect as parents of a preemie. Cynthia warmly talked us through our anxieties, she extended valuable wisdom on ways to care for our preemie, and she provided us with a wealth of resources to reference in regards to our baby’s healthy development....

I was nervous to transition my daughter from bottle to solids. Cynthia guided me through a safe and comfortable process for me to transition my baby to solid food. It’s months later and my baby happily hums while she eats an assortment of foods. I am grateful to Cynthia for giving me the knowledge - and courage - to nourish my baby with a healthy diet!
— Tracy E.

Cynthia not only has extremely impressive experience and qualifications she is wonderfully creative with children of all ages. Our two sons, five years apart, loved her. She somehow managed to overcome the age gap and get them both engaged in projects and play. She is warm and caring but also treats children as individual people with their own ideas.
— Juliana A.

Cynthia is an invaluable resource. She has been so helpful in providing advice about developmental stages as my son continues to grow and gain new skills. When my son was a newborn, Cynthia was such a calming presence when she visited our home. Her tips and hints for survival with a new baby were incredibly helpful and I found her to be so supportive of myself and my parenting choices. Now that I have a toddler, Cynthia has been there to describe to me what the normal stages of development are, what to expect, and what to look out for. I have found Cynthia’s presence in my family’s life to be so important that she will be one of the first people I call when we are expecting our next baby!
— Danielle B.

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