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Occupational and Feeding therapy Services

Skilled weekly or biweekly occupational therapy can be effective if your child demonstrates delays in his or her motor, sensory or feeding development. In order for OT to be as effective as possible, an initial evaluation is recommended.  The evaluation process is holistic, encompassing your concerns, goals, and observations, as well as a clinical assessment of your child in his or her natural environment.  If you have an existing evaluation from another clinician, we can work on the prescribed  goals and/or develop additional goals.



Evaluation with written report                           $175-250

In-home session or consult                              $100-150/hr*

*10% discount for weekly services

What are the differences between having OT with you versus in a clinic or at school?

I have worked in both clinics and in schools as an OT, and there are benefits and drawbacks to having your child access services in these environments. I have listed some below but would be happy to have a more thorough discussion with you based on the needs of your individual child.

One benefit is cost. If your child qualifies for OT based on his or her diagnosis or delays, you may be able to have services primarily paid for by his or her insurance in a clinic or at no cost through special education services at school or through Early Steps at home. I have similar skills to the therapists in these environments and am fully licensed to practice in the state of FL (License # OT17671), but I cannot take payment through private insurance providers or Medicaid at this time. If cost is a limiting factor, please still feel free to be in touch, and we can discuss a package or I can help connect you with a clinic that may be able to help your child. 


Convenience and access to the home/natural environment are drawbacks. I have met many families, who spend most of their lives in the car, in order to get the therapy their child needs. I come to your home at a convenient time for you and your child. I also am able to troubleshoot problems in your child's natural environment, which can help make your life easier! In the clinic, it is often hard to address issues that arise at home, for example with behavior or feeding, because these issues do not come up in the contrived environment of the clinic. I have found that therapy can be much more effective working directly with children in their home environment and through collaboration with parents to address their child's individual needs. School is limited in what they are allowed to address by law, so the OT at school probably will not be able to work on self-help skills (feeding, dressing, transitions, etc.), sensory concerns or fine motor issues that do not directly impact the child's performance in the classroom but may, nonetheless, be very important to your child's overall wellbeing and your family's functioning.

Your child may require specialized adaptive equipment (splints, standers, vests, helmets, etc.) or services (NEMR, taping, SI therapy etc.) that require elements or expertise available in a clinic that I do not provide. I will refer you to a clinic that may have the services your child needs, if I cannot provide them. 

Every child and situation is unique! Having worked in clinics, schools and the home, I am happy to discuss the options and figure out what might be best for you and your child. I am also happy to augment therapy in either environment through collaboration with your child's other therapists. Please contact me to discuss further. 


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