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Child Development & Parenting Services


These services encompass a variety of parent support and coaching services. Parents often have questions about their child's development or a behavioral change and do not know whom to ask. If you are a new or veteran parent who is looking for an answer to a question like: "Is this typical...?", "Is my child supposed to be doing ____?", or "What should I do when my child_______?", I can help. You may be looking for a one-off consultation to solve a problem or troubleshoot a transition or be seeking consistent support in the home to navigate a new phase like feeding solids or monthly for the first year. There are many different options available, and please contact me to discuss a service that you do not see on the list. Below are general costs  associated with services and consults and links to further information. 


Developmental Check-in                                $100-125

In-home consult or concierge services        $75-100/hr*

Remote consultation (i.e. phone, skype)        $50/hr*

VIP babysitting services                                $call for pricing

*10% discount for weekly services



"OT to Know" Package                                     $200

This package includes 3 hour-long sessions over a month. It is meant for first-time clients, who would like some ideas around an issue or transitional stage with a baby or toddler. This package can also be a great baby shower or sprinkle gift for an expecting parent (.pdf gift certificate available)! 

Developmental Check-in

Like many people today, I had my first child in a city far away from my parents and in-laws. We were on our own and had no idea what to expect for our daughter...

The Developmental Check-in is a broad, informal assessment of your baby or toddler's development and milestones. It can involve a specific area of concern (such as motor or feeding) or you might just be wondering "Is my 4-month-old doing what she is supposed to be doing?" or "What is my 6-month-old doing?". I will observe and interact with your child and discuss observations and answer questions involving his or her development. I can also provide some preliminary strategies and enrichment ideas to help you move forward with your child. 

Our daughter was born 3 months prematurely. When we brought her home from the hospital, my husband and I were concerned about our premature infant’s cognitive and physical development...

consults & Concierge Services

I was nervous to transition my daughter from bottle to solids...

Consults can take many forms and are meant to help when and where you need them. They could take place at your home, a store, the park, a restaurant or wherever a puzzle needs to be solved. Many new parents can struggle with when to advance an infant from purees to more textured foods or worry about giving a first food to a child or how to transition from a bottle to a cup. Which cup is best for my child? Which high chair or sassy seat is right? Should my child be using her hands like that to feed herself?... We can schedule a consult and figure out what is going on, and I can provide real-time strategies and solutions for you and your child. Consults can be one-off or can occur weekly through a transition or until a milestone is reached (i.e. grasping, sitting, crawling, fingerfeeding, etc.).  

Consults can also occur for your older toddler or child to address difficult behaviors/ parts of your day (i.e toothbrushing, clean-up, transitions between home and school or out in the community) or because your child has grown out of their toys and activities and you would like suggestions of developmentally appropriate ones. There is no issue to large or small, and if I can't help you then I will connect you to resources or people who can. 

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